Crime awareness continues

Crime awareness continues
The learners of Thuthukusa Primary School were addressed during a Crime Awareness morning to help them live crime-free lives when they reach adulthood

In the Excelsior News an article was published regarding a collaboration that was formed between One Goal Amsterdam and the Department of Social Development to host crime awareness campaigns at schools in the Amsterdam area.

On Tuesday, 15 May, representatives from the two organisations visited Thathukusa Primary School in Jabulani Village. The representatives spoke to the learners about the effects of substance abuse, the effects of dropout in school and the importance of education, and lastly the roles of social development in crime prevention.

According to a news website, FA News, studies have shown that, someone starting to drink alcohol before the age of 15, is four times more likely to become an alcoholic. Children who begin using drugs or consume alcohol at a school-going age, are three times more likely to become involved in violent crimes in their lives.

Currently, the average age of people who are drug dependent is 12-years, and the age continues to drop. Even though it cannot be said that drug use causes delinquent behaviour, or vice versa, it has been found that these two problems often accompany one another.

It is also sad to say that, in 1995, there were more than 120 drug syndicates in South Africa. Over the years, this number has grown to over 500. Thank you to everyone involved in this project who are helping to lead the youth of today to become healthier adults.

The problems that the community of Mkhondo face regarding drug abuse, affects the entire community and everyone must help where possible. Sometimes a person who went through rehabilitation may only need a smile from a stranger to decide to continue fighting the battle against addiction.

If you or someone you know suffers from an addiction of any sort, contact the Mpumalanga Addiction Rehabilitation Area on 017 200 0073 or 082 802 1497 to receive professional help.