Cotlands/Mondi Toy Library up and running!

CotlandsMondi Toy Library up and running!

Cotlands, Mondi and TTN have started the exciting initiative of a portable ‘Toy Library’, which is out and about in the rural communities and sites visited by Mobile Clinic 2.

The toy library is housed in a trailer, which is towed behind the Mobile Clinic on its monthly site visits. The ‘trial run’ with Mobile 2 is going incredibly well, now that a few of the teething problems have been resolved, and some adjustments made.

Cotlands/Mondi Toy Library up and running!
Playing with building blocks

Negotiating dilapidated rural roads in a Mobile Clinic is already a challenge, and we are proud of Yvonne (our clinic sister) for the amazing job she is doing in towing this trailer to all the sites on their rounds. Thank you Yvonne, you are part of a very important development in ECD in these areas! Khanye from Cotlands accompanies the Clinic ladies every day, and plays with the children at the sites.

The mornings begin with the daily toys and games being selected from the Cotlands Head Office (next to the Uzwelo Children’s home), which are then packed into the trailer and hitched to the Mobile Clinic.

When the Mobile Clinic arrives at a site, the trailer is then unhitched, the gazebo set up, and all the games unpacked. When everything is ready, then . . . the play begins! The aim is to offer children the opportunity to play with a variety of educational toys and learn different games and skills while the trailer is at the site.

For many of the children who are at the site with a parent or grandparent, this is an opportunity to learn and play games that will develop their handeye coordination, depth of perception and stamina. Many children are not attending a crèche, and if they haven’t received an Asidlale Box yet, there is the wonderful assurance that they are ‘learning’ and receiving educational preparation for their school careers.

Thank you to the Mobile Clinic Staff, Mondi and Cotlands for the care and work you are doing in our areas. It is going to have an unbelievable impact on the rural children, and will help them prepare for school. We look forward to hopefully receiving four more Toy Libraries for the other TTN Mobile Clinics.