Accident report

Piet Retief Mkhondo Accident report
The driver of the motorbike was critically injured after a bakkie drove into him

Accident report. The Mkhondo Fire and Rescue Unit personnel provided information pertaining to recent accidents in and around Mkhondo.

On Saturday, 26 May, at 13:45 the driver of a BMW drove into the bumper of a Volkswagen in Church Street. Both vehicles were travelling south in Church Street, towards Waterside Lodge and the accident occurred at the three-way stop near Piet Retief Primary School. No injuries were sustained in the accident.

At 18:30 the same day, on the Wakkerstroom Road, the driver of a bakkie critically injured the rider of a motorbike in an accident. The driver of the bakkie was travelling towards Piet Retief and claims that he could not see the motorbike when he started overtaking another vehicle.

On Sunday, 27 May, at 01:30, one person was critically injured when a driver collided with a cow on the Paulpietersburg Road. No further details are available. In the early hours of Sunday morning, an accident occurred on the Ermelo Road wherein one young man passed away. As there were no other passengers or eyewitnesses, no details could be confirmed regarding the accident.

On Monday, 28 May, at 04:45, two persons sustained light injuries when three heavy motor vehicles were involved in an accident. The drivers were travelling in heavy fog, which obscured their vision. Two of the heavy motor vehicles were travelling towards Piet Retief when the driver at the back collided with the vehicle in the front. Due to the fog, further details regarding how the third vehicle was involved, are unclear.

Motorbike riders are urged to always keep in mind that, when they are involved in an accident, they will be the one to sustain more serious injuries. Always turn your light on when travelling so that other vehicles can clearly see you.