Jericho Dam CPF Sub re-launch

Jericho Dam CPF Sub relaunch
Community members attended the CPF Sub re-launch to meet the individuals with whom they can work together to ensure their community is safe

On Saturday, 12 May, a re-launch of the Jericho Dam CPF (Community Policing Forum), in Amsterdam, was held at the Khala Mbhazo Sports Grounds. The event was opened with prayer by the CPF Deputy Chairperson, Mr Gama. He also welcomed all the community members who were present.

The CPF Secretary, Mr K.N. Khumalo, then continued to introduce the executive members of the CPF and explained how the structure works. An attendance register was circulated for everyone to sign and apologies were made for Mr M.A. Lukhele (CPF Chairman), Mr B. Dlamini (CPF Treasurer), CPO (Community Policing Officer) M.A. Nkosi and Mr E.B. Sibanyoni (CPF additional member).

Mr Gama informed the attendees that the purpose of the event was the relaunch of the Jericho Dam and Khamlambazo Community CPF Sub executive committee. Sergeant N.N.J. Sukali introduced the new station commander, Captain N.A. Shange, to the crowd.

The community members were given the opportunity to express themselves regarding problems they have with the police and CPF members at the event. One lady expressed her concern, saying that her daughter’s rapist is walking free and that no legal action had been taken against him. The SAPS was urged to investigate the matter and to find out about the progress.

Another resident stated that his television had been stolen and that no arrests had been made. Captain Shange requested him to take his case number to the police station so that investigation into the matter can be started. The police officers were also asked how young adults, who have already matriculated, can find information regarding vacancies at the SAPS.

Sergeant Sukali stated that the vacancies are published in the City Press Newspaper and also placed on the notice board at the station. The CPF Secretary said that there are regularly posts advertised to be a reservist. He informed the community members that the CPF members had passed their psychometric tests earlier this year at Secunda.

Captain Shange explained the signif- Community members attended the CPF Sub re-launch to meet the individuals with whom they can work together to ensure their community is safe icance of the CPF to the community. He also encouraged the community members to work handin- hand with the police in the fight against crime.

The new CPF Sub executive committee was introduced: Ms Z.G. Thabethe (Chairperson), Mr M.S. Hletjoayo (Deputy Chairperson), Ms N.H. Vilakazi (Secretary), Mr M.N. Khumalo (Deputy Secretary) and Ms M.C. Hletjoayo (Treasurer).

Before the meeting concluded, the CPF Deputy Chairman informed the attendees that representatives from the CPF executive committee will be required to attend monthly CPF meetings at the Amsterdam Police Station.

Furthermore, CPF members, together with police officers, will attend a Farmers’ Meeting at KwaThandeka on the 16th of May. To speak to someone regarding the CPF or if you want to report a crime, contact any of the following individuals: – Ms Z.G. Thabethe (CPF Chairperson) – 066 340 7370 – Ms N.H. Vilakazi (CPF Secretary) – 079 404 1927 – Captain Shange (Station Commander) – 082 306 2605.