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Deteriorated drains in Piet Retief

There are numerous deteriorated drains in Piet Retief that have deteriorated to such an extent that it now poses a danger to pedestrians. Due to various reasons, there are water drains of which the top cement block has been broken, leaving the hole exposed.

One is located at the corner of Smit – and Kotze Street, with another on the corner of Noordend – and Mark Street. However, chances are that there are numerous more drains in Piet Retief that are in a dilapidated state. These holes are quite deep and pedestrians who fall into them, accidentally, can injure themselves severely.

Pedestrians should take note of their surroundings when they are walking. Get off your cell phone and familiarise yourself with where you are walking. There are many dips in the sidewalks or lying hidden beneath grass. However, since anybody can have a momentary lapse of concentration, or might have to give their attention to something else that urgently needs it, a request was sent to the Mkhondo Local Municipality to please tend to these drains.

Recently, the Mkhondo Local Municipality has been hard at work to neaten our town. Many of the potholes have been filled up again and the road markings at stop signs have been repainted to stand out clearly. Thank you.

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