Crime Awareness Campaign in Amsterdam

Crime Awareness
The learners from Siyeza Primary School found the information provided to them very helpful

Recently, the Mpumalanga Department of Social Development worked with One Goal for Amsterdam (OGA) to host a Crime Awareness Campaign at the schools in Amsterdam. Currently the dropout rate in South Africa is a big concern.

Africa Check reports that, for the matric class of 2014, 1 065 331 learners were enrolled in school at the beginning of grade 10. By the time of the final matric examinations, only 532 860 learners were still attending school.

According to Business Tech, the same thing was noted for the 2016 class. Of the 1 100 877 learners who were enrolled in school at the beginning of their grade 10 year, only 610 178 learners wrote their final matric examinations. Statistics from 2017 are not yet available.

Learners drop out of school for various reasons – economic, social or academic. Within each of these overarching reasons, there are a multitude of other factors, such as the death of the breadwinner in a household, drug abuse, a life of crime that offers a “quick fix” to financial problems, and many more.

This leads to the majority of learners leaving school with only a grade 9 qualification. The learners in Amsterdam were given information on three topics. Mr Thokozani Sithole, Assistant Probation Officer, spoke about the effects of substance abuse. Mr Nature Khumalo, from OGA, gave a presentation on the effects of dropout in school and the importance of education.

Lastly, Ms Thobile Khumalo, Probation Officer, spoke about the roles of social development in crime prevention. Thank you to everyone who was part of this project. It is important for people to be involved in the lives of school learners, in this way, to ensure that the youth can grow and develop into successful adults. The youth must be given lessons on life more often.