One Goal from Amsterdam change and growth

One Goal from Amsterdam
One Goal from Amsterdam

One Goal from Amsterdam (OGA) is a nonprofitable organisation in Amsterdam, started by a group of young people who wanted to enforce change in their community. Amsterdam is a very small town and, as it is often overlooked, a sense of hopelessness began to develop amongst the youth.

It is OGA’s aim to bring an end to this. In 2017, the Local is Lekka Street Soccer Tournament started.

One Goal from Amsterdam
One Goal from Amsterdam

The plan was to run the tournament over a few weeks, specifically targeting the youth. Through the soccer tournament, the members of OGA hoped to keep the children off the streets, especially over weekends. The response was tremendous and a culture of sportsmanship and unity had developed within the participants. The tournament attracted players of all ages and has been an ongoing, healthy and safe way for them to spend their time of leisure.

The OGA would like to thank their sponsors, without whom the tournament would not have been possible: Protocor, TWK Agri, Vumbuka Trust, Amsterdam SaveRite, Glen Oak Lodge, Amsterdam Clinic, Ashwin Mahabeer and André de Waal. Currently, informal games are still being played over weekends. According to OGA Chairman, Thabang Makhaza, the organisation currently lacks funds, meaning the games cannot take place every weekend.

This defies their purpose of keeping the youth occupied, but the organisers will try to make the equipment available to be used as often as possible. Local is Lekka brings people together, forms a love for soccer and keeps the youth engaged in uplifting activities. OGA would like to see this tournament grow into something big in the near future. The organisation relies on the community for funding.

They would like to encourage the youth to join this fantastic initiative and to help make the Amsterdam community a better place. Mr Bongane Myeni has to be mentioned, as he is the one who closely works with the players. He encourages the players to first complete all their chores and homework before coming to play soccer.

If you would like to become involved with this initiative, please contact Thabang Makhaza at 072 320 8679 or Sunday Shongwe at 060 750 2627. Alternatively, the organisation can be e-mailed at