Cow fell into an open manhole

open manhole
The cow got stuck at the bottom of the manhole

On Wednesday, 4 April, a cow fell into an open manhole on the N2, across from the entrance to Kempville. A traffic officer was on duty nearby when he saw a man looking into a hole. He asked the man what he was looking for, and the man stated that his cow had fallen into the manhole.

The traffic officer then contacted the Mkhondo Local Municipality to send workers to help get the cow out. At first, the workers tried to tie a rope around the cow and pull it out, but it was stuck at the bottom of the manhole. The workers then decided to open up the manhole to get to the cow.

Once open, the cow was seen lying at the bottom of the open manhole. For a second time, the men tried to tie a rope around the cow and get the cow out of the hole, but it did not move. The men then started working together to turn the cow over onto its back. Once the cow was on its back, its hooves were tied together and the excavator was used to lift it to freedom.

Afterwards, the men started working to put the manhole back together again. No one knows who left the manhole open, allowing the cow to fall it. Luckily it was not a child who had fallen into the hole.

It is important for workers to close manholes after they have finished working, to ensure that accidents like these do not happen. If you see a manhole left open, report it to the Mkhondo Local Municipality immediately at 087 6300 180 to keep a child or other person from falling in and getting hurt.

Thank you to everyone who worked tirelessly to ensure that the cow was freed from the hole without it being hurt.