Conquering hurdles, one at a time

Conquering hurdles one at a time

Conquering hurdles, one at a time. Phila Mathe, an U/10 boys athlete from Mkhondo House has surprised everyone with his talent as he outruns his competitors time and again.

On Saturday, 3 February, Phila competed in an athletics event in Amsterdam where he won the 70 metre hurdles, breaking the record as well. He also won the 800 metre and 80 metre races on the same day. On Tuesday, 6 February, he represented Mkhondo House at the Mkhondo Circuit Athletics event.

He once again received the gold medal in 70 metre hurdles and in the 80 metres. He also won gold in long jump and bronze in the 100 metres. On Friday, 23 February, Phila competed at the District Athletics event in Secunda and once again performed very well! He received first place in the 70 metre hurdles, long jump and the 80 metres and will be competing in all three the items at the Mpumalanga Athletics event on Saturday, 3 March. Phila’s success is not only thanks to talent.

He practiced hurdles at home by putting a stick over stacked bricks, an idea he got from television. As he has shown that he has tremendous talent, Mkhondo House has decided to help him as far as possible and a private coach will help him improve his talent and become the best athlete he can be. Of the seven athletes taking part in the Mpumalanga event, Phila is the only one who qualified for three events.

Good luck Phila! The community of Mkhondo is proud of you and hope that you will do very well. Keep up the hard work and make us proud.