Take road users into consideration

Take road users into consideration
Motorists in Draad Street had difficulty driving, as there were many pedestrians walking and standing in the road

Take road users into consideration. On Saturday, 3 February, the roads surrounding Piet Retief Primary School were very busy as an athletics event was held there.

For the most part, motorists reduced their travelling speed as a precaution, as most pedestrians walked on the sidewalks and quickly crossed the road when necessary. However, an event was held at a residence in Mark Street and pedestrians walking from where they parked their vehicles to the house walked in the middle of the road, making it difficult for motorists to drive.

Due to the pedestrians in the road motorists who wanted to park had to wait in the road for long periods, creating a traffic buildup. One taxi wanted to cross the road, to find a parking space, but another vehicle first had to be moved before this could happen. The driver of the taxi parked in the middle of the road, and waited while the driver of the other vehicle came to move it.

Take road users into consideration
While a taxi was waiting to park, traffic was blocked, creating a problem as motorists were unsure of what the driver wanted to do.

Neither the taxi’s hazards nor indicators were on to inform other motorists of his plans. For several minutes, motorists had to wait behind the taxi, waiting to see what it was going to do. Pedestrians should always take care when crossing roads. Even though a driver might be held accountable should an accident occur, you will still be the one who ends up with serious injuries.

Cross a road in the shortest, straightest route possible and do so quickly. Motorists who are waiting to park next to the road should not stand with the nose of their vehicle over the centre of the road, as this can make it difficult for oncoming traffic to safely pass you. Use your indicators to inform motorists of your actions. The only way to effectively solve the problem, is for every person to take responsibility for his/her own actions and ensure that you do not put your or another person’s life in danger.