Services rendered by Mpumalanga Mental Health Society

Mpumalanga Mental Health Society
Awareness was created in schools with regard to the abuse of women and children

To kick-start 2018, the Mpumalanga Mental Health Society wishes to inform the community about the various services they render in aid of assisting mentally disabled individuals in the community.

The MMHS is a non-political, non-racial, registered welfare organisation that is committed to being a dynamic organisation, which serves as an effective resource. The organisation’s mission is to empower individuals to obtain optimal mental well-being and equality in life. They believe that the cultivating of human potential and dignity are crucial in the survival of all cultures in the rainbow nation.

Identity and relationships are all important factors in human development. The MMHS specialises in people who are physically disabled and suffer from various illnesses such as Epilepsy, Schizophrenia, mental disability or even psychological shock. They monitor centres throughout the Mkhondo region.

There are two protective workshops, which are the Khanya Group, in Ethandakukhanya and Sisonke, at Rustplaas. They also have four stimulation centres, namely, Thuthukani in Ethandakukhanya, Cathuza at Saul Mkhizeville, Sizanani in Amsterdam and Khulakahle at eThombe. The organisation also runs support groups for parents whose children have to attend special schools and families that have to live with disabled individuals. For assistance and information, kindly contact the Mpumalanga Mental Health Society on 081 733 4852 or 081 348 4923.

If you would like to contribute towards educational toys and other material that can be used to build playgrounds for children in need, kindly contact Ms S.N.E. Mthethwa on 081 733 4852.