Residents complain about Jacques Street

Residents complain about Jacques Street
Near the corner of Jacques and Grobler Streets

A resident, staying in Jacques Street, contacted the Excelsior News regarding the dire state of the road, as they are very frustrated with the situation.

According to the resident, they have been lodging complaints at the municipality for almost three and a half years, without receiving any permanent change. At times, the potholes are filled with sand, but as many of the potholes are on the side of the road or simply too large, the sand does not stay in the holes for very long.

The residents regularly have to replace their car tyres, as there are potholes in front of their driveways which they cannot ignore. The residents have reached tipping point and feel that the Mkhondo Local Municipality should reimburse them for the cost of new tyres. A resident living on the corner of Jacques – and Grobler Street has decided that he would rather ruin his lawn than his car and drives on the sidewalk to avoid the road.

As motorists have tried to avoid the road surface, a “dirt road” has formed next to the road, which is now used by them to avoid the potholes. The residents are fed-up with the situation. They have tried everything possible to have their problem addressed, but to no avail. When will someone listen and ensure that residents receive the services that they pay for?