Power outage on Monday

Power outage on Monday
A stay wire got hooked onto a vehicle on Monday, causing a power outage as the pole it was attached to broke and electricity cables in the area came into contact with each other, causing an explosion

On Monday, 12 February, a sudden power outage occurred in town, with residents reporting that an explosion was heard at the building site next to the N2 towards Ermelo.

Municipal workers were working on Monday to repair the problem and feedback was given to the Excelsior News on Tuesday, 13 February, to explain what happened. According to a representative from the Electricity Department, a stay wire was damaged, causing the power outage. A stay wire is a wire used to keep a pole in place and ensure that it does not fall over. A supervisor on the building site stated that the workers have instructions not to drive in this area, due to the stay wire.

On Monday, trucks were hired to work on the site and they were also allegedly informed not to drive in this area. However, one driver drove over the wire, causing it to hook onto an object and the pole broke. This caused many of the cables to be pulled down and the cables that came into contact with each other caused the reported explosion. In order to fix the problem correctly, five days’ work is necessary.

As changes might have to be made to the electricity cable layout in the area, due to the garage that is being built, the Electricity Department will first engage with the developers to ensure that it will be repaired permanently. For now, a temporary solution has been made to ensure that the town has electricity. Thank you to the workers from the Electricity Department for their efforts to ensure that the disruption caused to the community was as short as possible.