Littering – still a problem in Mkhondo

Should more boards, such as this one, not be erected around town and people who litter be fined?

Littering has been addressed on many occasions, but it seems that nothing from the authorities’ side is being done about this. Everyone is very quick to point fingers and tell the Mkhondo Local Municipality that they are not doing their jobs, but are you bringing your side?

The Bill of Responsibilities was published in 2008 to inform citizens that rights are not freely given. Before you can demand that your rights should be respected, there are first certain responsibilities that you have to fulfill.

If you want to earn the right to live in a safe environment, you first have to assume the following responsibilities:

  • Promote sustainable development, and the conservation and preservation of the natural environment
  • Protect animal and plant life, as well as the responsibility to prevent pollution, to not litter, and to ensure that our homes, schools, streets and other public places are kept neat and tidy
  • In the context of climate change, we are also obliged to ensure we do not waste scarce resources like water and electricity Residents of Mkhondo are urged to work together to address the situation, which affects us all.
Littering - a problem in Mkhondo
Littering is a big cause for concern in Mkhondo, but requires the support of all residents if it is to be addressed effectively.

If you see a plastic bag or a glass bottle lying on the ground, pick it up and throw it away. Even picking up just one piece of litter a day already helps to improve this desperate situation. Perhaps a plan can be made to place more dustbins in residential areas so that anyone who wants to help solve the problem can get easy access to a dustbin?

Another solution, which might be considered, alongside placing dustbins in town, is to put up more boards, such as the one in place in Muller Street, throughout town. This board warns residents that a fine of R500-00 will be given to anyone who litters. Hopefully it is policed, if not, what is the use?

If you can’t shake your dirty habit willingly, maybe a fine will help you to do just that.