Kwashuku Secondary School inaugurates new classrooms

Kwashuku Secondary School inaugurates new classrooms
Representatives of the various companies and community who helped to build two new classrooms at Kwashuku Secondary School, in Commondale

Kwashuku Secondary School is situated near Commondale and a dream came true for numerous teachers and learners when two new classrooms were handed over on Wednesday, 17 January.

One teacher, Mrs K. Bodenstein, who was a teacher at Kwashuku for about 20 years, knows exactly how it feels to educate children in over capacitated classrooms. The opening of two new classrooms will make a world’s difference to the learners as well as the teachers. This project would not have been successful without the help of numerous organisations and individuals with a passion for change and the determination to follow it through.

Through the help of Mr Klaus Voigt, from the Oyten Congregation in Germany, the governing body managed to apply and receive 60% of the building costs from the “Bingo Stiftung”, an organisation similar to the National Lottery in South Africa. Furthermore, Oyten Congregation provided another 15% in funding and local companies and organisations arranged for the rest of the funding to make this project a reality.

Mr Mdlalose, the Circuit Manager, was present during the handover of the classrooms and these classes will be utilised as a laboratory and computer centre. Mr Mdlalose was urged to support the school in providing them with science equipment and computers, which will enhance the school’s education abilities. Mrs Bodenstein also mentioned that the matric class of 2017 received a pass rate of 84% and would like to take this opportunity to congratulate each learner on their achievement and hard work throughout the year. Well done to Sindisiwe Sithole, who obtained 6 distinctions!

Thank you to Mr Twala, the principal, and all the staff members from Kwashuku Secondary School for their continuous motivation and dedication towards the school and its learners. Kwashuku Secondary School’s employees and learners, together with Mr and Mrs Bodenstein would like to express their gratitude to all their sponsors. A warmhearted thank you to the following companies and individuals: Augsburg Congregation, represented by Pastor Frank Schütte, TWK Agri, Commondale Poles, Vuka Treated Timbers and Mica Piet Retief.

Local farmers in the Commondale area, Mr Heiner Hinze, who prepared the site for building to commence, Mr Bernd Schütte, for the donation of sand. A special thank you to the builders, Mr and Mrs Lerm from Propicor, for their helpful insights in the project regarding the planning and completion of the building at a special price and to Mrs Bodenstein who took this project on herself and made a huge success out of it.