Keeping Girls in School Project on the move

Keeping Girls in School on the move
Keeping Girls in School on the move

We, at the Keeping Girls in School project, are excited to announce that, on the 12th of January, we had our first outreach of 2018.

On a lovely Friday morning, we joined the UROC-team (Uzwelo Rural Orphan Care), who escorted us to three of the Safe Parks that they run. There we met up with high school girls who have been identified by their care workers as people in need.

Their care workers explained to us that all of these girls are part of Child-headed Homes. Some are even the head of the household, carrying all the responsibilities that a main breadwinner usually does. These girls rely on donations from the UROC-project to get through on a monthly basis.

And so. . .

We had the immense privilege of bringing hope to them by handing out Subz to each of them, and enabling them to stay in school. The ladies of the Keeping Girls in School project also gave them some thoughtful advice and information. Some of these facts are real eye-openers and we could see how it impacted their minds. We would like to give a big shout out of thanks to each person and business who enables us to reach out to these girls by contributing or donating.

Our Pink Family Fun Run of 2017 (held on 13 September 2017) was a huge success. With the money raised last year, we were able to buy more than 100 packs of Subz. Without our vibrant community this would never have been possible. The reality is, however, that there are over 300 girls who are in need of Subz. We were only able to meet 100 of these needs, and the number keeps growing.

So be on the lookout for this year’s fun event in September! If you need more information about this project, or want to make a contribution, please feel free to contact Riana Brits, 082 394 8578, or Karen Nieuwenhuizen, 072 152 8839.