Armed robberies, murders, road rage . . .

Armed Robberies
The Festive Season Roadblock was a huge success

Armed robberies, murders, road rage. The South African Police Services (SAPS) in Mkhondo, together with the Station Commander, Colonel Mbongwa, as well as SAPS officials from surrounding areas would like to take this opportunity to thank the community of Mkhondo for helping to combat crime in the region.

Festive Season Roadblock During the Festive Season, citizens were warned about the annual Festive Season Roadblock, conducted by various departments including the local SAPS, SANDF (South African National Defense Force), K9 Unit, Traffic Department, Flying Squad and Nature Conservation Officials.

The roadblock was situated at Kempsiding, from 13 December 2017 until 16 January 2018, 24 hours a day. During the roadblock, a large number of indivuals were arrested and fined for not abiding by the law. According to the Communications Officer at the local SAPS, Captain Khanye, they are not allowed to reveal statistics locally and this will be provided by the Minister of Police.

He stated that arrests were made for illegal immigrants, possession of dagga and driving under the influence. Motorists were also fined for unroadworthy vehicles, using copies of licence discs and forged permits. Furthermore, it was stated that all the departments involved worked well together.

After their daily briefing sessions, they had a beter understanding of what was required for the day’s work and the local SAPS is looking forward to conducting more successful roadblocks like these, together with the different departments, in the near future. Robberies on the increase The SAPS said that house – and business robberies for January, thus far, have risen to 24 reported cases.

Criminals seem to be desperate and in search of valuable items such as electronic equipment, cash, cellphones and laptops. CAS 48/01/2018 was opened on 2 January when a robbery occurred at the Abundant Life Community Church.

According to the complainant who opened the case, he left the premises at around 18:00 and upon his return the following morning, noticed that the door was forced open. Chairs, mirrors and tables to the value of about R28 000-00 was stolen during this robbery. The investigation is ongoing.

Another robbery occurred on 16 January at a local guesthouse. According to the owner who opened CAS 206/01/2018, he was not present during the break-in. Upon his return, he noticed that a window was forced open and valuables to the value of R11 600- 00 was stolen. Items such as cellphones, his wallet and his firearm were missing.

SAPS officials visited the scene, took fingerprints and are conducting an investigation. Stationery to the value of about R11 700-00 was stolen during a robbery that took place on the 8th of January.

According to the complainant, who left Ubuhlebuzile High School on the mentioned date, everything was in order. Upon his return the following day, he noticed that a window was broken and the stationery was gone. He reported the case to the local SAPS and CAS 115/01/2018 was opened and is being investigated.

Criminals on the lookout for building material The SAPS received two reports of robberies where the criminals got hold of building material. On the 6th of January, a case (CAS 79/01/2018) was opened for a robbery at a hardware store, situated in Kempville. According to information received, the property was securely locked but the door was forced open and building material to the value of R12 500- 00 was stolen. Items such as ceramic tiles, fencing wire and gas cylinders were stolen. There are no known suspects as yet and the investigation is ongoing.

During a second incident that also occurred between the 5th and the 6th of January, building supplies, valued at R36 000-00, was taken from a building site in Emaphepheni. A security guard mentioned that he was patrolling the area when he noticed that there was a break-in. CAS 96/11/2018 was opened at the local SAPS and is currently under investigation. Armed robbery in Iswepe On the 2nd of January, an armed robbery occurred in Iswepe at NTE.

According to the victim, a security guard who was on duty during the evening of the incident, he and five of his colleagues were in the guard room at around 23:30, when they were confronted by five unknown men, with firearms. The suspects threatened them with the firearms and proceeded to tie them together with shoelaces. They demanded copper wire from the site and four of the suspects left the room.

The fifth one held them at gunpoint. Upon the four men’s return, they took six cellphones, worth R4 600-00, and fled the scene. CAS 37/01/2018 was opened and is being investigated. Do not be tempted by road rage A typical case of road rage resulted in an unfortunate incident when a man was shot and rushed to hospital.

On 13 January, at 17:40, the shooting occurred in Kotze Street when a motorist and his passenger were travelling in the direction of Pick n Pay, Woodhill Centre. According to the victim, they were overtaken by another vehicle and, when the driver was in front of them, they accidentally bumped into his vehicle. The driver in front exited his vehicle and fired five shots at them. The victim was shot in the neck and was rushed to the Piet Retief Hospital. The shooter was arrested on the scene, kept in custody and the firearm seized. CAS 174/01/2018 was opened for attempted murder and is currently under investigation. Please be patient with each other when driving and do not revert to road rage, it is not worth it. Murders in Mkhondo On the 21st and 22nd of January, two murder cases were reported in the vicinity of Mkhondo.

On Sunday, 21 January, a man was rushed to Piet Retief Hospital, bleeding profusely. It was noticed that the man had four stab wounds on his back and one on his forehead. An SAPS officer was contacted and upon his arrival at the hospital, the victim was already dead. The man was positively identified before his passing and it was confirmed by hospital staff members that the stabbing occurred at a public entertainment area, situated in Ethandakukhanya, at around 07:30 that same morning. The case is being investigated but there are no known suspects yet.

On Monday, 22 January, a SAPS officer on duty was called out to Rustplaas for an armed robbery. At around 22:00, the officer was informed that the victim was being transported to Piet Retief Hospital. Upon his arrival, the victim passed away due to a gunshot wound. Information was received that two unknown men approached a shop at Rustplaas and demanded cash. During a fight between the victim and the house robbers, the victim was fatally wounded. Nothing was stolen from the shop and the suspects fled the scene. CAS 212/01/2018 was opened and is being investigated.

Case of child neglect in Iswepe The local SAPS condemn child negligence and want to warn parents not to leave their children unattended as they will be arrested and prosecuted by a court of law. An incident occurred on 18 January in Iswepe when a social worker was tipped-off by a concerned resident that a mother left her two children alone at home. The social worker visited the property in question and found the two children, aged 4 and 11, alone. A case of child neglect, CAS 228/01/2018, was opened and the mother is being investigated. Robbery at Licence Office On 8 January, a robbery occurred at the local Licence Office.

The Excelsior News reported on the incident and feedback has now been received from the SAPS. According to an employee at the Licence Office, he locked the doors at around 18:00 on the 8th of January. When he reported for duty the following day, he noticed that the back door was forced open. Upon investigation, it was found that a cash amount of R123 503- 00 was missing, as well as cleaning material and a door.

The total loss adds up to about R143 903-00. The SAPS were on the scene immediately to look for any evidence. The case is currently ongoing and there are no known suspects at this stage. School principal’s rape case postponed The Excelsior News recently reported on a school principal from the Mahamba area, who was charged for the rape of a school girl since she was 15-years old.

The suspect was kept in custody and appeared in the Mahamba court on 29 November, when he was granted bail of R10 000-00. His next appearance in court was set for the 16th of January and the case was postponed to the 22nd of February for further investigation. The Excelsior News will keep the readers informed when information is received on the progress in this case.