Parked vehicles obstructing view

Parked vehicles obstructing street view
Parked vehicles obstructing view

In a previous edition of the Excelsior News, a report was done on the crossing of Zuidend – and Mark Street, where three of the road signs signal the motorists to stop, while the fourth does not, making it easy for unaware motorists to cause an accident.

On Monday, 15 January, a vehicle was seen parked on the left hand side of Mark Street, facing the direction of Pongola. The vehicle was parked in a no parking zone, blocking most of the view of Mark Street. This made it difficult for motorists who wanted to cross Mark Street, coming from Boxer, to judge whether it was safe to do so. Upon turning left, it became evident that a large section of the road had a yellow line, indicating that it was not a legal place to park your vehicle, yet there were vehicles parked all along the side of the road.

This is already a dangerous crossing, as visitors to Mkhondo or motorists who do not know the area might not be aware that this is not a four-way stop. With vehicles parking illegally here, motorists cannot see oncoming traffic, thus crossing only becomes more dangerous. This part of town has become infamous for pedestrians walking in the road, or people parking illegally. Could the people who park here illegally, please refrain from doing so.

Other motorists are therefore asked to always take extra care when driving here to ensure that an accident does not occur. Should our Traffic Department not be doing something about this situation?