New truck stop?

New truck stop?
Truck drivers seem to prefer parking their trucks on a small island in Brand Street

Is this the newest truck stop in town? Across the bridge in Brand Street, on the R543, the small island on the right hand side of the road, is a popular spot for heavy motor vehicle drivers to make a quick stop, do some truck maintenance or even sleep over but is this allowed?

On Friday, 12 January, two heavy motor vehicles were spotted in the area. The driver of one of the trucks congested the traffic as he was preparing to enter the street again after his “pit stop”. The second truck driver was nowhere to be found.

New truck stop?
One of the trucks were left unattended, with open windows and with a full load

The truck was left abandoned, windows open and loaded. With the current rate of vehicle theft in the community, this portrays an open invitation to criminals lurking around for their next opportunity. Who will be held accountable if the truck gets stolen? Will it be the criminal who saw an opportunity or will the driver who acted irresponsibly also be to blame?

Not only is it unsafe for truck drivers to leave the vehicles unattended there, but it creates a danger for other motorists who travel in Brand Street. The street is not wide enough for trucks to be able to safely turn into the street and this can easily lead to an accident when an oncoming motorist does not see a turning truck or one that is busy parking on the island.

Can the local Traffic Officials please be more vigilant in this specific area?