Why it’s called “Disabled Parking”

Why it’s called “Disabled Parking”
On Friday, 12 January, two vehicles occupied the disabled parking bays at a local shopping complex, which resulted in a disabled person not being ab

Why it’s called “Disabled Parking” Did you know that there is a valid reason why the first two or three parking bays at shopping centres are allocated for disabled people?

If you had to become disabled in some or the other way, would you be happy if a person that is as fit as a fiddle, parked their vehicle in a parking bay, designated for disabled people? And if you are the one that has to struggle to get your shopping done? It seems that a lot of residents do not know what a “Disabled Parking” is as they park their vehicles in those bays without even feeling guilty about it.

Or do they simply not care? A resident visited a local shopping complex on Friday, 12 January, together with her disabled father. Upon reaching the two disabled parking bays, she noticed that both bays were occupied – by people that do not suffer from any disability. The one driver visited the liquor store whilst the other bought a pizza and had lunch on the patio, with his vehicle parked right in front of him – in a disabled parking bay!

The lady decided to return later that same afternoon when the disabled parking bay was vacant so that her elderly father could exit the vehicle and only travel a short distance to the store. This begs the question – does the security guard on duty not monitor who parks in the disabled parking? Do they confront the culprits who abuse the disabled parking bays and what happened to the orange cones that are normally used to reserve these parkings?

Are they simply pushed out of the way? To the guilty drivers that abuse disabled parking bays – shame on you! If you ever become a disabled member of society, only then will you realise what you are actually busy doing. Have a bit of respect for your fellow human being.