Update on cable theft at Welgekozen
In a close by field, the cables were stripped and the copper removed

In last week’s edition of the Excelsior News it was reported that copper cables were stolen during an armed robbery at Welgekozen Country Lodge.

The Excelsior News spoke to the owners of Welgekozen Country Lodge and it was confirmed that the incident occurred at the Welgekozen Estate and not at the lodge, as was mentioned by the SAPS. Mrs Meadows, from Welgekozen Country Lodge, informed the Excelsior News that the security guard at the estate did not inform the guard at the lodge of what happened and the incident was only handled the following day, when a case of armed robbery was opened at the local SAPS.

The remaining roll of cable of which 30 meters were stolen
The remaining roll of cable of which 30 meters were stolen

The victim mentioned that he was held at gunpoint and that his cellphone was stolen from him, but he did not report the matter immediately. According to her, the police attended the scene on Tuesday, 21 November and there are rumours doing the rounds. Nothing can be confirmed yet due to an investigation that is still ongoing. Furthermore, it was mentioned that the 30 metres of stolen copper cable would be too heavy for a person to carryand that a vehicle might have been involved in transporting the stolen goods.