Several accidents in Mkhondo

Several Accidents
The bakkie with a trailer that got stuck between the trees in a plantation next to the Pongola road

Several accidents occurred in Mkhondo during the past week, but fortunately no serious injuries were sustained.

On Tuesday, 14 November, the driver of a Toyota RAV4 collided with a bus’s trailer, while the bus was turning. The driver of the RAV4 and the bus were travelling towards Pongola and the driver of the bus wanted to turn right at the Commondale intersection.

The driver of the RAV4 rushed past other vehicles, on a solid line, and collided with the trailer of the bus. No serious injuries were sustained in the accident. On Wednesday, 15 November, three vehicles were involved in an accident at the corner of Church – and Theo Mocke Street (near KFC/Spur).

The driver of a heavy motor vehicle, travelling from Ermelo, was turning right, into Theo Mocke Street. At the same time, the driver of a White Ford, travelling in Church Street, from town, also turned right into Theo Mocke Street, towards Woodhill Centre. The driver of a black Audi, travelling from Ermelo, passed the heavy motor vehicle on its left side, as it was turning, and collided with the white Ford. As the two vehicles collided, a third vehicle was hit. The driver of a silver Ford was standing at the stop street in Theo Mocke Street, waiting for the other vehicles to pass, and was hit on its bumper. No serious injuries were sustained during the accident.

On Sunday, 19 November, the Emergency Services were called out to an accident on the Pongola road, where the driver of a bakkie, towing a trailer, had driven off the road and got stuck between trees in a plantation. However, it seems as if this accident already occurred the previous evening, at about 23:00, but that nobody had come to haul the bakkie out. No injuries were sustained during the accident.