Refuse bags torn by dogs

Refuse bags torn by dogs
Garbage lay scattered next to the street, after dogs tore open some refuse bags

Refuse bags torn by dogs. Residents have been requested on numerous occasions to put their garbage bags in a place where dogs cannot get hold of it.

On Thursday, 7 December, this mess was seen next to the park in Olmesdahl Street. It seems as if a dog tore open one of the garbage bags and the waste inside spilled onto the side of the road. Dogs have been seen sniffing around garbage bags before in this part of town. The dogs sniff out old food and tear open the bag to eat.

The municipal workers collect garbage bags on Thursdays in this area and by that afternoon not only were the bags, but also the litter neatly removed. One can only assume the municipal workers had to pick up the loose pieces of refuse when they collected the black bags. We would like to thank the municipal workers for their effort to clear this mess and we believe in other cases they do the same.

Residents should consider installing elevated garbage stands to keep dogs away from the bags to avoid pollution in town. In order to fight the litter problem in our town, everybody has to work together and do their part.