Muller Street becoming a hazard

Muller Street
Sections of the road are scattered with potholes, which are nearly impossible to avoid

There are many streets in Mkhondo that urgently need maintenance and Muller Street should be placed high on the priority list.

Photos were taken of potholes in Muller Street that can easily cause an accident. Sections of the street are scattered with potholes, making is difficult for drivers to avoid them. If another vehicle is passing you at that section, you have to choose between colliding with the vehicle, or driving through a deep pothole and possibly damaging your vehicle. No driver wants to choose either of these scenarios.

Other sections have very deep and large potholes at the side of the road, drastically narrowing the usable surface of the road. Either one of the drivers will have to wait to pass the other, or the driver closest to the veld will have to drive off the road, risking the chance of driving over a glass bottle or other object that can damage the car’s tyres.

An urgent request is made for this road to receive the necessary attention as quickly as possible to ensure that an accident does not occur due to the dire state of the street.