Mkhondo Mayor in court for cutting electricity

Mkhondo Mayor in court for cutting electricity
A big crowd gathered in front of the Piet Retief Magistrate Court to support the Mkhondo Local Municipality on Wednesday, 6 December, when the Mayor appeared in court

On Wednesday, 6 December, numerous citizens came together in front of the Piet Retief Magistrate Court to support the Mayor, Honourable Cllr. V.M. Motha, together with the Municipal Manager, Mr M. Kunene and the Speaker, Mrs G.T. Nkosi.

According to information provided to the Excelsior News from Mr N. Msibi, from Mkhondo FM, the case was opened against the Mkhondo Local Municipality by foreign citizens who feel they are being treated unfairly. It was mentioned that the complainants are unhappy with the manner in which they are being treated by municipal employees.

Furthermore, the complainants said that they have a strong case against the municipality but in return it was mentioned that the municipality has proof of illegal connections. The problem was addressed and upon disconnecting these connections, the parties involved became aggravated.

A lawyer, representing Mkhondo Local Municipality, mentioned that it would be viable to handle the matter out of court as the riot in front of the Magistrate Court on Wednesday is causing a stir in the community, which can possibly lead to xenophobic outbursts between local citizens and foreigners.

Mr Msibi also mentioned to the Excelsior News that a large number of RDP houses are being used as shops. According to him, the South African law states that people owning a RDP house can run a tuck shop from the building, but now, these houses are being used as supermarkets, which results in larger electricity usages and the houses will have to be rezoned.

The court case was postponed to the 14th of February 2018 as the complainants still need to supply acceptable proof of their innocence. The matter will be followed up once more information is made available to the Excelsior News.