Asidlale Box 2 Training at KB Day Crèche and De Hoop Farm

Asidlale Box 2 Training at KB Day Crèche and De Hoop Farm
Teddies bring big smiles to children!

This week, the Asidlale Team visited 2 of the first crèches that were trained on the Asidlale Boxes earlier in the year.

On Monday, we headed out to the KB Day Crèche on Gary and Philip Day’s Farm. The crèche was recently painted, and is looking bright and new! The children are well educated by Lucy and her daughter, and they responded instantly to the new exercises and songs, easily understood the counting/ emoji bingo games and completed the counting activities exceptionally!

Nicola from Rinkel Krinkel joined us for the morning, as well as Pearl from TTN who assists us with translating – thanks for joining us ladies! Thank you Michelle Day for inviting us to train at the farm crèche – it is a joy to visit and spend a morning in one of the happiest and most colourful crèches in our farming community! We look forward to visiting again in 2018.

On Thursday, it was back to Erik and Isabel Naude’s farm to visit Sonto and the ladies that run the little crèche. Sadly, Merriet (who works with Sonto at the crèche) passed away shortly after our first training session, but her daughter Anele is working with the children, and we know she and the ladies will continue with Merriet’s good work.

The 15 children at this crèche were enthusiastic and energetic, and especially enjoyed the animal games we played together (the children learn to mimic elephants, giraffes, gorillas, and then farm animals like cows and horses). The children managed the balancing games easily, and we were impressed by their good ball sense. Thank you Isabel and Erik for letting us work with your ladies, and for allowing Cate to join us for the morning as translator.

During our visits to the crèches, we also handed out Prayer Bears to each of the children. We received a delivery of 600 knitted teddy bears made for us by ladies from around Pietermaritzburg, the United Kingdom and America. It is wonderful to see the children’s faces light up when they receive a gift that they can cuddle and play with every day!