Asidlale Box 2 Training at Amsterdam

Asidlale Box 2 Training at Amsterdam
The TTN Team with the Gogo's at Hybrie van Aardt's Farm

On Wednesday, 22 November 2017, the Asidlale team paid a follow-up training session and visit to Christo and Hybrie van Aardt’s farm outside Amsterdam.

On 9th May we trained 16 ‘Gogo’s’ (grandmothers) that live in Amsterdam and communities near the farm. These ladies, who look after their grandchildren, were enthusiastic during the first training session and we were very pleased to see that seven of them returned for training on the second box.

There were also seven new ladies, who were trained on the Asidlale Boxes and taught to use the Daily Activities, games and assist the children with counting, colouring and pasting, building blocks and playing with playdough. Pearl and Sarah from TTN translated for us, and joined us in the fun of playing the games, doing the exercises and working through the daily crafts with our trainees. Thank you ladies – you are stars! We are also immensely proud of our Gogo’s for their hard work and commitment to their grandchildren.

To see ladies who are 76 years old throwing and catching beanbags is a rare and wonderful sight! Thank you again, to Christo and Hybrie for the hospitality you have shown the team. It is wonderful to use the Asidlale Boxes to impact the farming communities, and reach the homes of communities who often live far away from rural crèches, often without access to learning materials.

By bringing these ladies and TTN/ Fontana Missions together, we hope to help the communities in Amsterdam to play a role in the quality of their children’s’ education. If you would like us to visit a crèche on your farm, or have ladies who would benefit from this training, please call us! Wendy (TTN) 072 507 4393 or Amanda (Fontana) 061 430 4229.