Tone Zone Weight Loss Challenge

Weight Loss Challenge
Congratulations to all the winners of the weight loss - and fitness challenges

Tone Zone Gym in Piet Retief hosted a Weight Loss Challenge from 20 October 2017 until 10 November 2017 and had a prizegiving ceremony on Monday, 13 November, at Sunrise Restaurant, to congratulate the winners on their achievements.

Congratulations to the following participants on achieving phenomenal weight loss goals. 1st place – Tanya Schroeder (27,2 cm) 2nd place – Nina Jonker (25,5 cm) 3rd place – Mery- Ann de Klerk (20,6 cm) Tone Zone also hosted a fitness challenge that consisted of basic fitness, body composition and muscle endurance capacity, which was made up by push-ups and situps.

Congratulations to the following winners for achieving the goals during the fitness challenge. 1st place – Tanya Schroeder (7 golden points) 2nd place – Mercia Bouwer (5 gold and 2 silver points) 3rd place – Mery- Ann de Klerk (4 gold and 3 silver points) Each winner was awarded with a certificate and a prize that was proudly sponsored by various sponsors. Tone Zone’s management would like to thank all the sponsors.