Two Farm Attacks in Three Days

3 Days = 2 Farm Attacks
3 Days = 2 Farm Attacks

On Saturday, 21 October and Monday, 23 October, two farm attacks were reported in the Moolman and Bothashoop Border areas.

During the attempted attack on Saturday, the farmer was alone and at home when he heard a noise. Upon investigation, he saw the attackers and immediately alerted the Farm Watch. Thanks to quick response from the local SAPS, Farm Watch, AfriForum Neigbourhood Watch and security companies, no one was injured. The attackers got away but an investigation is currently underway.

On Monday evening, at around 20:40 a farmer in the Madola District, near the Bothashoop Border, was shot at after he went out of his house to see why his dogs were barking. A search was conducted until late Monday evening, but no suspects were arrested. The farmer only sustained minor injuries during the incident but a case was opened at the local SAPS and is currently being investigated.

Mr J. Filter, Head of Safety at Agri Piet Retief, told the Excelsior News that farmers and community members need to sharpen up their safety measures. It is very important to join the local Farm Watch organisations and the AfriForum Neigbourhood Watch so that you have help in case of an emergency.

For more information about the Farm Watch, contact Mr Filter on 082 662 7706 and for the Afri- Forum Neigbourhood Watch, SMS or Whatsapp your name to 071 411 0784. An urgent request goes out to community members and farmers to be vigilant and not to expose themselves when they hear noises outside of their homes.

This seems to be the newest modus operandi for criminals to attack and it may be fatal to you or your family members. Be in contact with your neighbours or neigbouring farmers and make sure that the necessary safety precautions are in place at your property or on your farm.