SANBS Milestone Awards

SANBS Milestone Awards
Thank you to every person who regulary donates blood to help save lives

October, blood donors from Mkhondo were thanked for their support throughout the years, during the South African National Blood Service (SANBS) Milestone Award Ceremony.

The recipients were also informed about what their blood is used for, to show them that they are truly making a difference in the lives of others. What happens after you have donated blood? When you donate blood, 480 millilitres of blood is taken together with three vials of blood, which is used to test your blood.

SANBS Milestone Awards
Congratulations to Mr Hans Prigge who has helped to save 825 lives with his blood

Your blood can be separated into three parts (plasma, red blood cells and platelets). Each part is used for different patients and thus, by donating blood, you can save three lives. It is important to donate blood regularly, as blood does have a shelf life (platelets, mostly used for patients suffering from blood clots, only has a shelf life of 5 days) and therefore has to be replaced.

Not all blood types are compatible, making it important for hospitals to stock blood for all the different blood types. The blood type most necessary to keep in stock is O-negative, as any person can receive this blood. Thank you to each and every person who reached a milestone. Your loyal support and willingness to give your time and blood to save the lives of others is deeply appreciated.

Jocabus Zeeman – 50 units. Daniel Rudolph – 75 units. Dorothea Botha – 100 units. Louis Fourie – 100 units. Matthys Marais – 125 units. Dieter Martin – 150 units. Josias Oberholster – 175 units. A special thanks goes to Hans Prigge who has donated 275 units of blood thus far. This amounts to about 138 litres of blood that he has donated. The average adult has 5,5 litres of blood, so Mr Prigge has donated 25 times the amount of blood that he has in his body.

His blood has also been used to help save the lives of 825 patients. Donating blood is an easy way to make a big difference in many people’s lives. By simply offering half an hour of your time every eight weeks and giving 480 millilitres of your blood, you can save three lives on a regular basis. Visit the SANBS website to find out when and where you can donate blood locally.