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Holiday Feeding Scheme Around the Corner

It is heartbreaking to hear young children say that they don’t like school holidays because for them it means going hungry!

If you were perhaps one of the more privileged children in the world who couldn’t wait for school holidays to commence so that you can eat whatever or whenever you wanted, it might be difficult for you to relate, but there are thousands, if not more children, who go hungry on a daily basis.

Last year, about 3 000 Gauteng school children experienced severe malnutrition and tragically, 113 of these children passed away while 1 500 needed medical treatment. These frightening statistics express the devastating effects poverty has on children. Unfortunately, the number of underprivileged children who go hungry during school holidays is rising and teachers say that they can easily spot them.

They come back to school visibly weaker, with deteriorating physical and mental performances. The truth is, children do not stop getting hungry just because it is not a school day and that is why Uzwelo Child and Youth Care Centre, together with UROC (Uzwelo Rural Orphan Care) are hoping to receive the community’s support for food donations toward the upcoming Holiday Feeding Scheme.

Whilst most feeding schemes close during the holidays, they don’t, and generous community members help to feed these poverty stricken children all year round. The feeding scheme not only assists in giving hungry children a plate of food, but also offers some kind of relief to the poor families who cannot afford to put food on the table.

Donations such as tin food, mielie meal, tinned fish and beans are urgently needed. You are welcome to drop off donations at Uzwelo Home or Wellspring Ministries, or they will collect it from you. For more information pertaining to the Feeding Scheme, kindly contact Sam at 017 826 1204.

By donating food towards the feeding scheme, you will be helping to put the shine back into the school holiday for a helpless child. Uzwelo would like to thank Lesotho Milling Company for their generous donation of 80 x 10 kg cake flour. Imagine telling those little faces, “Sorry, we are closed for the holidays.”

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