Heavy motor vehicle blocking N2

Heavy Motor Vehicle Blocking N2
A heavy motor vehicle blocking the turn off from Kempville onto the N2 from Pongola

On Sunday, 29 October, a report was received from a resident that a heavy motor vehicle was blocking the turn-off from Kempville onto the N2, from Pongola.

Even though it was possible for motorists to get onto the N2, they had to drive around the heavy motor vehicle, onto the opposite side of the road in order to pass it before returning to the correct lane. According to an eye witness, there was no driver in sight and an emergency triangle was placed behind the heavy motor vehicle. The triangle made it even more difficult for drivers to safely pass the heavy motor vehicle.

It seems that drivers of heavy motor vehicles believe that they can do whatever they want, as crossing Kotze Street is hardly ever safe, with heavy motor vehicles parking here as well. Often a heavy motor vehicle will block a motorist’s view from at least one direction. This gives the motorist a choice between slowly crossing the road, risking an accident, or driving to another intersection. Residents are tired of informing officials of these problems as it seems that, no matter how many times the problem is reported, it is never solved.

Who will take responsibility if a person is injured due to a heavy motor vehicle blocking the view of oncoming traffic? Will the individual have to cover the medical expenses as well as the costs to repair the vehicle? Or will the driver of the heavy motor vehicle face the costs? This problem cannot be allowed to continue.

A plan has to be made to prevent an accident from happening in the first place. Anyone who sees vehicles parked in such a way that the view of oncoming traffic is blocked, can contact the local Chief of Traffic, Mr Lucky Ngozo, at 082 044 9087, to inform him.