Gr.7’s at Badplaas

Gr.7’s at Badplaas
The gr. 7-learners visited Badplaas for a farewell outing

On Monday, 6 November, grade 7-learners from Piet Retief Primary School, got on the bus to spend a welldeserved break at Badplaas.

The weather played along perfectly and the bus left the Primary School’s hostel at around 05:30. Upon arrival, teachers informed the children about a few rules before they ran off to change into their swimming wear. The children played and splashed in the pools for about six hours and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.

Mrs Weber, Mr Joubert and Mr van Vuuren raced each other on the slides, and at the end, Mr Joubert walked away as the winner. A number of learners raced to get tickets for the Rinkhals and even though a few fell off their tubes, the course was completed with a lot of laughter and joyful spirits. Who could have guessed that swimming can make a person so hungry?

Delicious hotdogs were served for lunch after which the children still had some time left to enjoy the swimming pools before they had to return home. Unfortunately, the weather changed and it started to rain at around 14:00 and everyone rushed to tidy up and get to the bus for the journey back to Piet Retief.

It was a memorable day indeed and the outing was probably the best day of the grade 7’s primary school career. Thank you to everyone for helping to make this year’s grade 7-farewell a huge success and one that will be remembered for quite some time.