Rain causes high number of accidents

high number of accidents

With the much needed rain that Mkhondo has recently received, it is no surprise that there were a high number of accidents on surrounding roads.

2/10/2017 Just after 18:00 on the Pongola road, two heavy motor vehicles went off the road while driving down the hill leading to the bridge over the Assegaai River. It seems this section of road is very smooth and this, added with rain, caused the vehicles to slid off the road when the drivers wanted to brake.

There were no injuries sustained during the accident. At about 18:30, on the Wakkerstroom road, the driver of a red Renault drove into a white Toyota bakkie that was parked next to the road. The driver of the Renault was underway to Piet Retief when the accident happened. According to the driver, there was no triangle placed behind the bakkie, indicating that it was stationary. No injuries were sustained during the accident.

5/10/2017 Just after 16:00, a driver rolled his vehicle while averting a head-on collision. The driver of a gold coloured Ford was on his way to Ermelo, when he noticed an oncoming vehicle on the wrong side of the road, busy overtaking another vehicle. The driver of the Ford wanted to avoid the vehicle and drove off the road, when the vehicle rolled. No injuries were sustained during the accident.

At about the same time as the previous accident, another accident was reported to Emergency Services, near Panbult. The driver of a Toyota Fortuner slid on the wet road, drove off the road and hit a tree next to the road. No injuries were sustained during the accident. A heavy motor vehicle slid on the downhill from Pongola, just before the bridge over the Assegaai River, in the same manner as the two other vehicles had done on 2 October.

No injuries were sustained in the accident. 6/10/2017 The driver of a Toyota bakkie drove into a Polo Vivo in Gerhard Bohmer Road. Both drivers were on their way into town when a pedestrian ran in front of the Polo. The driver hit his brakes to avoid hitting the pedestrian and the Toyota hit the other vehicle on the rear. One person sustained light injuries during the accident. At about 17:30 on the Ermelo road, an Isuzu bakkie was towing an Opel. The Isuzu had to brake when descending a hill, but the driver in the Opel did not brake and hit the Isuzu. Both vehicles went off the road after this.

No injuries were sustained. At about 20:40, on the Paulpietersburg road, the driver of an Isuzu bakkie collided with a cow. Just before midnight, the driver of a Hilux bakkie drove into the back of a heavy motor vehicle on the Ermelo road. The driver of the heavy motor vehicle was driving at a low speed, when the driver of the bakkie came from behind at a high speed and drove into the heavy motor vehicle, close to Steenekamp Vervoer.

The driver of the bakkie was asked to do a breathalyzer test on scene, and it was found that he was under the influence of alcohol. 7/10/2017 At about 14:30, on the Pongola road, the driver of an Opel Corsa hit another vehicle. According to the driver, he wanted to brake to avoid an accident, but his brakes failed, and he drove into the rear of another vehicle. No injuries were sustained during the accident. 8/10/2017 Just after 17:00, on the Pongola road, four vehicle were involved in an accident.

The driver of an unknown blue bakkie overtook a heavy motor vehicle on his way to Piet Retief. While passing the heavy motor vehicle, the driver saw an oncoming Corsa bakkie and drove off the road, onto the gravel to avoid a collision. The driver of the blue bakkie drove away from the scene.

The driver of the Corsa hit the heavy motor vehicle. During the collision, a Fiat was also hit, however, there seems to be some uncertainty concerning when the Fiat was hit or by who. Local Emergency Services could confirm one serious injury during the accident, but the individuals involved were taken to hospitals in KwaZulu-Natal, so it cannot be confirmed that this is the only injury sustained.

Drivers are requested to always travel at a slower speed if the road is wet. A vehicle can easily slid on the wet road if you have to brake hard and suddenly. Travel at a speed where you will have ample time to react in an emergency situation and avoid a collision.