Living Word Bible Church Wraps up Women’s Month

Living Word Bible Church Wraps up Women’s Month
“Women of faith and honour”

There is a famous Zulu statement, “Wathintabafazi wathint’ imbokodo’ which can be translated to, “You strike women, you strike a rock”, which celebrates the strength of women in society.

Recently a women’s conference was held at the Piet Retief Town Hall, with the theme, “Women of faith and honour”. The Living Word Bible Church celebrated Women’s Month by hosting the women from Mkhondo and surrounding areas over the weekend.

Prophetess K. Ndima hosted Pastor Ntombela and Pastor T. Paile from Johannesburg. The conference was aimed at empowering women and to raise awareness of women and child abuse as well as teenage pregnancy. Men were also invited to the conference, as many perpetrators in these crimes are males.

Younger and older generations joined each other for music; celebrating the music genres enjoyed by all. The Speaker, Councillor G.T. Nkosi, and Busi Mkhwanazi also attended the last day of the conference.

The Speaker addressed the issue of the women’s position in society. She concluded the conference by saying, “I may be in a position of power at work, serving my constituency, but when I get home, I am a daughter to my parents and must submit.

The same goes for you men, respect me as a woman if I am your superior at work and you will be the head of the house when you get home. I beg of you, people of Mkhondo, please do not get the hierarchy mixed up, know who you are and your role in the society”.