Asidlale Abroad

Asidlale Abroad
Wendy McSeveney and Amanda du Toit, together with some of the ladies from Soroptimist International

Asidlale Abroad. On the 13th and 14th of September, Wendy McSeveney and Amanda du Toit visited Germany to meet with Soroptimist International, a global organisation of women that work for the upliftment of women and children worldwide, to present the Asidlale Boxes Project.

Asidlale Abroad. Soroptimist International in Germany has over 6 500 members, working from 214 clubs across the country. Kerstin Oberbracht, Annette Mentzel and Alexandra Sumbulidse hosted Wendy and Amanda throughout the duration of their stay whilst introducing them to a variety of Soroptimist members from Talle, Lemgo, Bad Oeynhausen and Detmold.

These ladies put together an impressive itinerary, which included a visit to Berlin and a variety of other interesting places in the region. The aim of this visit was mainly to present the Asidlale Box Project during a South African Theme evening, on Thursday, the 21st of September. This prestigious event was organised by Soroptimist International at the Mittelpunkt (Town Conference Centre) in Lemgo.

Approximately 70 guests attended the event and they were fascinated by the presentation, which was done by Annette. She presented the TTN Mobile Clinics/Peer Educator Programme and a beautiful introduction to the Asidlale Project was displayed. The highlight of the evening was definitely the Asidlale movie, which was filmed by Amanda and Wendy before they left to attent the conference. This movie showed the guests a view of rural South Africa and highlighted the Mkhondo area as well as showing them how the Asidlale Project is making an impact at the rural crèches and homes in the communities.

Footage was shown of Lindiwe Thwala’s Crèche at Enthombe, the Bloemendal Crèche and also Nesta Nkosi’s house. The guests were moved by the film as well as by the children in the movie. Wendy and Amanda set up an Asidlale table where the guests could ask questions pertaining to this project.

Through the answers they received, they gained a better understanding of the work that is being done and how it impacts the communities. Amanda and Wendy entertained their guests with South African wines and snacks, although it was quite a difficult task to find biltong in Germany! Funds were donated during the evening and Soroptimist International pledged a commitment of support towards the Asidlale Project for the next three years as part of their international project.

Wendy and Amanda truly outdid themselves by establishing a firm foundation with these ladies and are hoping to host them in South African during 2018. A huge thank you to everyone for their support, prayers and assistance during this important step in the project.

A foundation has now been laid between South Africa and Germany and everyone is looking forward to seeing the Asidlale Project expand through this relationship, which will change and uplift the lives and future of the little South Africans within our rural communities. In the meantime, let’s play – which is the English meaning of the Zulu word – Asidlale!