Taking the Asidlale Box Project Abroad

Taking the Asidlale Box Project Abroad
At Lindiwe's Creche, Pastor Tom McSeveney enjoyed playing games with the children

Members from TTN (Thol’lulwazi Thol’imphilo Network) recently paid visits to a variety of crèches in preparation of a trip to Germany, where a presentation will be given about the Asidlale Box project.

On Monday, 21 August, a few members from TTN visited Lindiwe’s Crèche at Braunschweig. Irma Lammerding joined the ladies and helped them with the recordings, which were done in German – vielen dank Irma! Lindiwe and her helper, Slungile, both attended the TUT training and are very motivated.

They have painted the crèche and it is looking lovely. The ladies were presented with an Asidlale box and will receive a follow-up visit shortly. On Wednesday, the 23rd of August, it was time to visit the Bloemendal Crèche. After the successful visit to Lindiwe’s Creche, more footage was collected for the Asidlale presentation at Bloemendal. The kids played games and enjoyed some sweets.

They also made some craft necklaces from straw and had a fabulous morning. On Wednesday, the 30th of August, the ladies paid a visit to Nthithane and Mam Nesta’s house. This was the last destination for the shooting of the Asidlale presentation. Nesta is one of the Piet Retief Peer Educators and she has also completed the training.

What a beautiful village! It was spectacular to see Nesta work with the little children and the way she is using the Asidlale box to educate them. This presentation will give an unique look into a rural home and explain the value of the Asidlale Box Project in underprivileged environments.

Thank you foreveryone’s involvement in the composition of this presentation. The ladies are currently in Germany to give the presentation and the community of Mkhondo is wishing them the best of luck!