Ses’fikile Joint Operation a Success

Various organisations including Border Post Police, Piet Retief Cluster Station, SARS, SANDF, K9 Unit and Nelspruit Provincial Office Border

“Ses’fikile” , meaning, “We have arrived”, was surely demonstrated superbly as various divisions of the SAPS and other organisations held a joint operation, conducted on Friday, the 1st of September.

The operation started at 07:30 and lasted until 12:00. The different Border Police, Piet Retief Cluster Station, SARS, Nelspruit Provincial Office Border Policing, SANDF (South African National Defence Force) and the K9 Unit worked together to conduct the successful operation.

The participants were divided into five groups and roadblocks were placed on each road leading from Mkhondo to the Emahlathini and Bothashoop (Mahamba) Border Posts. Group 1 was posted at the side of the Port, whilst the Ekuleni area was allocated to group 2.

SAPS Joint operations

Group 3 was situated on the Emahlathini/ Mkhondo road (Kemp) and group 4 was visible on the Emahlathini/Mkhondo road (Klein Vrystaat). Group 5 was in charge of the roadblock conducted on the Bothashoop/ Mkhondo road (Mahamba road).

The aim of the operation was mainly to look for dagga smugglers, but a number of other crime related activities surfaced as well. During the operation, a Toyota Hilux bakkie, which was suspected to be stolen, was recovered.

Furthermore, 12 illegal immigrants from Swaziland were arrested. A total of 61 vehicles and 242 individuals were searched during the course of this operation and a J543 (written notice for various offences) was issued. Unfortunately, no dagga related activities were found, but the roadblocks were never the less still successful.

Thank you to all the parties involved in making the Ses’fikile operation a huge success. Thank you also to the overall Commander, Col. Masinga, from the Provincial Commander of Border Policing, for conducting this operation.

The community of Mkhondo is looking forward to similar roadblocks in the near future to keep criminals off our streets and out of our town!