PrayerTreks to Mkhondo

PrayerTreks to Mkhondo
After walking for two weeks, Peet Bekker arrived in Piet Retief to share his Godly experiences from the past 15 years with the community.

PrayerTreks to Mkhondo. After walking for two weeks, Peet Bekker arrived in Piet Retief to share his Godly experiences from the past 15 years with the community.

Exactly a year ago, he prayer-walked to the Lighthouse Church of God in Aberdare, Wales and he ended his journey in Mkhondo in Retiefville, where he shared his testimony at the Lighthouse Cell Church. The theme of his prayer-walk is the transition from “Spear to Spoor” and is based on two scriptures.

The first is Micah 4:3 which talks about a time of beating swords into plowshares and spears into pruning hooks when nations will not make war against each other anymore. The second is from Psalm 23, when God says He will make us lie down in green pastures and lead us beside still waters in the path of righteousness. This is the place where we will lay down our Spears (assegais) and follow in the Shepherd’s Spoor (footsteps). Peet finds this theme very appropriate for the volatile times in which South Africa finds itself.

In 2007, three people gave Peet prophetic words, saying it was in God’s heart that the soles of his shoes will never wear through. He goes through many pairs of shoes as he walks with his backpack filled with food, water, his tent, sleeping gear and clothes. He has never had to buy a single pair of shoes himself!

Each time his shoes wear through, he prays about it, but never tells anyone – not even his wife. Within a week, someone will give him a new pair of shoes. During his prayer-walk in Wales he walked the soles of both his shoes right off. When he prayed about new shoes for his walk to Piet Retief, God told him to stitch them up for one more journey. The street-vendor who repaired his shoes for him, asked Peet if he knew where he could get a large print Bible, as his eyesight was getting bad.

The two agreed to make a trade, Peet will give him a large print Bible as payment for shoes – he traded Souls for Soles. Peet doesn’t make fire along the road, and therefore he doesn’t enjoy coffee, tea or a cooked meal. When he started his journey, he was given a large bag of dried wors which lasted him almost halfway. As he ate the last of it, he was a little sad, as he would have to eat peanuts and raisins for a week.

That evening someone gave him enough biltong and dried wors to last him the rest of the journey. He started one morning on a maze of unsigned back roads. He wanted to reach the next town before dark and could not afford to take any wrong turn-offs. That day, only one car stopped to ask him about his journey. Just before they greeted, the women pointed to a turn-off 50 metres back and said, “There’s your turn-off, you almost missed it”.

His walk to Sheepmoor was tough and he wanted to give up along the road, but God had a different dream in His heart. He sent various people to Peet that day (prayer warriors, as Peet calls them), to pray for him along the road. This encouraged him and he made it to the town. On the last night he pitched a tent, about 30 kilometres from Piet Retief. He did not know that there would only be a watering point again the next afternoon and his bottles were all empty. Late in the afternoon, a man stopped and gave him a large bottle of water – enough to fill all his bottles.

God knew exactly what he needed. His prayer-walk from Johannesburg to Piet Retief had a special message for the members of the Lighthouse Cell Church: God sent a man to walk from Johannesburg to let them know they are not forgotten. The legacy of the shoes that are never walked through continues: shortly after Peet arrived in Piet Retief, a man handed him a box with a pair of brand new shoes.

PrayerTreks to Mkhondo
Horst Böhmer sounding the shofar before Peet shared his testimony at the Silwerjare Dienssentrum in Piet Retief

Peet’s prayer of blessing for Piet Retief, “May your spoor be found meandering through green pastures and by still waters. May your spoor be found along the paths of righteousness. May your spoor be found following the spoor of the Shepherd, as you are followed by His goodness, mercy, and unfailing love.

May his presence be your dwelling place, for all your life. May Piet Retief be a miraculous sign and wonder to the rest of the country of reconciliation with friends, family, nations, the land and with God, living in His peace. May this be a place where we lay down our Spears and follow in the Shepherd’s Spoor.

May this be the very place where the war and the sweet water of rest come together. May this be, for you, the place where that which the world has made of you comes in line with the truth of what God says about you. I pray that in Jesus’ name. Amen.”