Mobile Clinics Give Back to the Community


Mobile Clinics Give Back to the Community. We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. – Winston Churchill

Members of the Mobile Clinics recently openend their hearts and gave back to the communities where the clinics serve on a daily basis. At the Forbes site, Lea and Liane, from Germany, sponsored food, clothing, shoes, treats and balloons for the children.

The food parcels consisted of mieliemeel, tinned food and soya products. The donations were handed out by Thobile and the Mobile 5 Clinic’s operators. Thank you ladies, you made these communities very happy! The operators and members from the Mobile 3 Clinic also joined in and donated clothing to their community members which were collected by themselves. These donations were handed out during their daily route.

The staff members dressed up for fun and they were quite entertaining! Thanks for all the hard work you do daily and for opening your hearts to the less fortunate. In the field at KwaMNkosi, the Mobile 4 Clinic members handed out sweets and balloons to children who visited the mobile clinic.

Thank you to everyone involved in these uplifting events! Giving is not about making a donation, but it is about making a difference – and the members from the Mobile Clinics are definitely making a difference!