Mkhondo Development League

Mkhondo Development League 2017 Results
Mkhondo Development League 2017 Results

Mkhondo Development League 2017 Results. Many matches for the Mkhondo Development League were played during last week and the following results have been made available.

On Monday, 10 July, the U/13’s played match 15. Citizen beat Young Citizen 16-0, Comet Riders beat Celtic 2-0, Mara Mara beat Dynamite 1-0, Thokozani All Blacks beat Young  Dynamite 1-0, Bayern Munich beat Shining Stars 2-1, Silver Stars and PR Barcelona ended the match tied with no goals scored and Eleven Stars beat Losta Stars 7-2.

The U/15’s played match 14 on Tuesday, 11 July. Flymingo and Bayern Munich tied, 1 goal each, PR Barcelona beat Eleven Stars 7-3, Dynamite beat Shining Stars 4-2, Citizen beat Russia United 18- 0, Celtic beat Comet Riders 2-0.

On Wednesday, 12 July, the U/13’s played match 14. Citizen beat Celtic 7-0, Comet Riders beat Thokozani All Blacks 2-1, Dynamite and Bayern Munich tied, no goals scored and Mara Mara beat Young Citizen 1-0.

On the same day, the U/15’s played match 13. Bayern Munich and Dynamite tied, 2 goals each and Citizen beat Comet Riders 5-1.

The U/13’s played match 16 on Thursday, 13 July. Comet Riders and Citizen tied, 1 goal each, Dynamite beat Young Citizen 9-0, Celtic beat Young Dynamite 2-0, Shining Stars and Mara Mara tied, no goals scored, Thokozani All Blacks beat PR Barcelona 2-0, Eleven Stars beat Bayern Munich 1-0 and Silver Stars beat Losta Stars 2-0.

On the same day, the U/17’s played match 12. Citizen beat Tiger Boys 14-1, Mara Mara beat Dynamite 2-0 and Comet Riders beat Celtic 43-3. On Friday, 14 July, the U/15’s played match 15. PR Barcelona beat Russia United 2-0, Bayern Munich beat Celtic 14-2, Citizen beat
Eleven Stars 10-1, Dynamite beat Flymingo 1-0 and Comet Riders beat Shining Stars 4-0.

The U/17’s were scheduled to play match 13 on Saturday, 15 July, but these matches have all been postponed. The draws for all five divisions of the Vumbuka Trust Cup took place on Tuesday, 18 July and the cup is set to start on 22 July.