Ingwempisi Safe Park Opens!

Ingwempisi Safe Park Opens!
The safe park in Ingwempisi is now open!

On Friday, the 21st of July, UROC (Uzwelo Rural Orphan Care) opened their second safe park, located at Ingwempisi, near Iswepe.

What is a safe park? It is an establishment that is fenced in with constant supervision by qualified child and youth care workers. Children are assisted with homework throughout the year at the safe park and they have the opportunity to participate in various activities.

Ingwempisi Safe Park Opens!
The children were very excited

These parks are open during the school holidays and children receive a daily cooked meal during school holidays as a number of these children are living in homes that are suffering under severe poverty. Chief Yende, from Iswepe, together with a few pastors, the Board members of Uzwelo and members from Social Development attended the opening event for this safe park.

A delicious lunch was served to everyone and the day was thoroughly enjoyed. The children were very excited as this safe park offers them a place of safety where they can comfortably talk and play. Thank you to everyone involved in establishing this wonderful place and to everyone who organised the event on Friday.

Never stop doing little things for others. Sometimes those little things occupy the biggest part in their hearts!