Gert Sibande Chess Tournament

Gert Sibande Chess Tournament
Ndlela Secondary School’s U/19-team

On Monday, 14 August, Ndlela Secondary School, Piet Retief High School and Inqubeko Secondary School participated in the Gert Sibande Chess Tournament.

These teams did really well and one team from Mkhondo was placed in the first two places of each section. These teams will represent Gert Sibande at the Mpumalanga finals which will take place on Monday, 21 August at Piet Retief High School.

The U/19-team from Ndlela Secondary School beat Ligbron Academy of Technology 5-1, Ermelo High School 5-1, Hoogenhout High School 5-1, Evander High School 4½ – 1½ and Inqubeko Secondary School 5-1. They ended with a total of 24½ points and won the section. Inqubeko Secondary School came fourth in this section with 13½ points.

Piet Retief High School’s U/19-girls team beat both Netherland Park Secondary School and Evander High School 6-0. They ended with 12 points and won the section. Ndlela Secondary School’s U/17-team lost 2½ – 3½ against Netherland Park Secondary School, but beat Evander High School and Secunda High School 3½ – 2½ and Highveld Park 5-1. They ended with 14½ points and won the section.

Piet Retief High School’s U/15-team beat Netherland Park Secondary School 5-1, Ligbron Academy of Technology 4-2, Highveld Park 4½ – 1½ and Inqubeko 6-0. They lost against Secunda High School 2-4. They received 21½ points and were placed second in the section, behind Secunda High School.

Inqubeko Secondary School came sixth with 1 point. Piet Retief High School’s B-team beat Oosterland High School 7-3 and Ndlela Secondary School 8-2, winning the section. Ndlela came third with 5 points, but only had six players in the team, instead of ten. Congratulations to all these teams.

Ndlela Secondary School was the definite underdogs of the day and surprised everyone with the high quality chess they played. We wish every one the best in their preparations for next Monday.