A Firm Foundation in Gardening

Pastor Phillip explained who the Firm Foundation Gardening Method works
Pastor Phillip explained who the Firm Foundation Gardening Method works

A Firm Foundation in Gardening. A very simple, yet innovative method of farming was recently introduced to the community and members from the TTN organisation, who together with members from Mondi visited a garden at Eucaforest, in Panbult, to see the results of this method.

On Thursday, the 13th of July, Margareth’s garden at Eucaforest, was on display for the visiting parties who were very interested in how Firm Foundation Gardening really works. Pastor Phillip Nobela, from Rock of Faith Ministries, conducted training on this specific type of garden and showed community members from the neighbouring communities of Phumula and Msinyane how they can make use of the Firm Foundation Gardening Method to grow their own vegetables.

Lime is sprinkled over a selected piece of ground (this will give the garden a boost, as lime puts nutrients back into the soil). The soil is then covered with a thick blanket of straw and rows are made directly into the blanket which is then filled with compost. Seedlings are placed directly into the rows of the compost and closed. The straw barrier serves as mulch barriers, which will keep the plants cool in the summer and well protected from the cold in the winter. This will reduce recurring problems of weed as well.

Thank you to the Eucaforest Management for allowing the TTN and Mondi ladies to visit the garden and learn more about this innovative way of gardening. Well done to Margareth – your garden looks fantastic.

Training for the Firm Foundation Gardening Method will be conducted in rural communities by TTN. For more information pertaining to this subject, kindly contact Wendy McSeveney on 072 507 4393.