Consider Fellow Motorists

Consider Fellow Motorists
An inconsiderate truck driver was spotted where he overtook another heavy motor vehicle on a blind spot

Consider Fellow Motorists. It seems that quite a number of heavy motor vehicle drivers do not have any consideration towards fellow road users as they overtake other vehicles where everand whenever they feel fit to do so.

On Friday, the 11th of August, a driver of a truck overtook a long queue of vehicles that were lined up behind another heavy motor vehicle. The motorists waited patiently as there was no safe opportunity to overtake the truck in the front, but it was evident that the driver in question had no patience and he raced past the whole queue of vehicles without being able to see any oncoming traffic.

Fortunately, there were no oncoming vehicles and the driver managed to overtake safely. Needless to say, the drivers in the long queue all waited in fear for an oncoming vehicle to appear from on top of the hill and one could see all the vehicles’ brake lights shining brightly as the motorists slammed on their brakes to give the truck driver the opportunity to enter the queue if an oncoming vehicle should appear.

Although it is a fact that trucks are much higher than normal vehicles and their drivers are able to see further than normal motorists, but events like these put other motorists in danger and it is inconsiderate! Incidents like these lead to serious accidents where people often lose their lives.

Is it really so hard to be considerate towards fellow motorists on the road? You will arrive at your destination eventually, rather later than never! Should the traffic officials not patrol these areas in order to minimize occurrences such as these?