Bus Drivers Disrespecting Other Motorists

Bus Drivers Disrespecting Other Drivers
Bus Drivers Disrespecting Other Drivers

Bus Drivers Disrespecting Other Motorists. On various occasions, the busses parked in Kruger Street, between Kotze – and Pretorius Streets, have been a great inconvenience to other motorists.

On Tuesday, 11 July, two bus drivers, travelling in opposite directions, parked across from one another in order to greet and have a short conversation. The busses blocked the street and no other traffic could pass them. The drivers only moved their busses when a gentleman asked them to move as they were blocking an entrance.

Shortly after they moved, one of the drivers parked his bus, climbed out and walked away, leaving the bus parked in a place where other motorists had an obstructed view of oncoming traffic. As there was no indication as to who the driver of the bus was, motorists could not address the problem. On Wednesday, 12 July, a bus was once again seen parked in front of a gate, blocking any vehicle attempting to enter or exit there.

It has been noted on various occasions that these busses cause a safety concern, as the view of other motorists are obstructed and only the width of one lane is available. Due to the busses, there are no shoulders to move over should a motorist realize an accident might happen. Even though many motorists do drive cautiously at these times, one wonders what will happen if someone should have an emergency and not have time to patiently wait for the road to clear.

One understands the necessity of busses for those who do not have their own transportation, but is it necessary to obstruct the traffic in this way? At times there are up to three busses parked in this small section of street, with a fourth seen parked in Kotze Street.

Should the mine for which these people work not inform their drivers that they must park at a unproblematic place? These roads were not built to handle heavy motor vehicles. Is it not the responsibility of the local Traffic Department to fine these drivers and ensure that they park in appropriate places?