SRACL Program Hosted by Correctional Facilities

SRACL Program Hosted by Correctional Facilities
Inmates from 5 different Correctional facilities in Mpumalanga had an arts and crafts exhibition on Wednesday, the 14th of June, at the local Correctional Services Centre

On Wednesday, the 14th of June, the Correctional Facilities Centres from Bethal, Ermelo, Standerton and Volksrust, came to the Piet Retief Centre (on the Correctional grounds) to exhibit the arts and crafts made by inmates.

The SRACL (Sport, Recreation, Art, Culture and Library) program is conducted on a monthly basis and participation in each subject is encouraged. This allows the inmates to give expression to their emotions and help show what they learn or experience in prison.

Mr M.B. Shamase, from the Piet Retief Correctional Services, said that this program allows prisoners to develop a positive outlook in their lives and it is the Correctional Services’ duty to rehabilitate these individuals and to identify talents that are seldom seen by others. It is quite difficult for a person that comes from a correctional penitentiary to adapt in the “normal” world as they are normally rejected by society.

It is very important for them to work on their talents as this may help them to become self-sufficient when they leave the facility. The artwork that was on display during this event was truly phenomenal and one could see that the creators are very proud of their work. They displayed their sketches, woodwork, clocks and handcrafted items with pride to everyone who attended.

Events such as these are held on a regular basis and all the different aspects of the project are presented. The inmates get the opportunity to participate in sport activities, such as soccer, and they also get the chance to visit a library where they can learn through reading.

This improves their education, which will also be beneficial to them once they leave the prison. Congratulations to each and every one for creating such beautiful arts and crafts. You can be proud of the talent given to you and you must embrace it!