SAPS-officers Complete a Fitness Test

SAPS-officers Complete a Fitness Test
Some of the officers completing their sit-ups

From Monday, 19 June, to Thursday, 22 June, the police officers from all the Cluster Stations as well as from all Ports of Entry (PoE) completed a Physical Fitness Assessment to determine if they are competent to do their jobs or not.

Amsterdam, Mahamba, Piet Retief and Sheepmore Stations all participated in the test, as well as the Bothashoop, Mahamba, Emahlatini and Nerston PoE’s. A total of 180 officers completed the test. During the test, the officers had to complete a 1.6 kilometre run/walk (depending on the age of the officer), a pacer-test, 1 minute push-ups and 1 minute sit-ups.

The test was facilitated by Messrs. J.K. Nkadimeng from Piet Retief, T.K. Mpanza from Secunda, P. Shabangu from Secunda, M.S. Nkonyana from Piet Retief and M.L. Lukhele from Sheepmore. Furthermore, the weight and height of the officers were used to determine their BMI-score and their waist measurement and their blood pressure was taken.

This will become a yearly activity to determine if the officers are competent to do their jobs and to determine whether officers are operational or officebound. This is definitely an encouraging change for the community. As the local officers are encouraged to improve their health and fitness, we can only expect even better results from everyone. Keep up the good work!