Cyber-attack Alert

Cyber-attack Alert
A screen similar to this picture can appear on your device when you are being attacked through a cyber virus

Vox Telecom recently sent out an e-mail which confirms a major cyber-attack on several companies throughout South Africa.

During the course of last month, large amounts of ransom attacks on a global scale have been reported. In May, the world was exposed to the “WannaCryVirus”, which led to a massive impact in the identification of vulnerabilities and gaps in various businesses. This worldwide cyber-attack affected over 200 000 victims in 150 countries.

A warning is issued to be on alert for the new ransomware, which was identified by businesses on the 27th of June, called Petya. This version is an updated strain of the Petya ransomware that was identified in March 2017. How does the virus infiltrate? It appears via a Microsoft Word document in an e-mail and has the ability to spread to other machines utilizing similar signatures as WannaCry.

The picture attached is a view of what will be displayed on your computer screen. What steps can be taken to prevent being infected?

  • Implement all software updates, as this was the vulnerability exposed in the attack.
  • Turn on Firewall AV, IPS inspections and web filtering engines to prevent malware from downloading. Web filtering blocks communications back to the command and control servers.
  • Educate staff on extreme diligence when opening attachments and links embedded in e-mails (main entry point for this type of ransomware).
  • Ensure your e-mail security solution has the functionality to mitigate ransomware attacks.
  • Don’t enable Makros (code is embedded).
  • Install reputable security services (network, e-mail and endpoint) to prevent access to your network.
  • Backup all your important data and store it off-site.