Abortion in Mkhondo of Great Concern

Abortion in Mkhondo Raises Concern
Abortion in Mkhondo raises a concern with members of the community

A cellphone number on one of the stickers was contacted and the man who answered stated that it is easy to undergo an abortion.

After the publication of an Afrikaans article in last week’s edition of the Excelsior News, ”Aborsie, moord of nie?”, numerous community members voiced their disapproval and stated women who undergo this procedure cannot be judged and that it is a personal decision made for various different reasons.

However, the article was not published to insult the community of Mkhondo, but instead to create awareness about the large number of people in town who distribute pamphlets and put up stickers for advertising abortion on every street corner and business building. The people of Mkhondo have a lot of trouble to remove these stickers and yet, the following day, it will appear in the exact same place where it has been removed the previous day.

This is a huge frustration for the community members and it raises a concern for all people who are desperate and stand the chance of getting exploited.

He added that it will cost you R1 000-00 (without aftercare or medication) if you are 5 months or less pregnant, but if you are over 5 months into your pregnancy, your abortion will be free of charge! Do these people use this as motivation to women who find themselves in circumstances out of their control? The man was asked where the procedure will take place and he answered that he will fetch you from a supermarket’s parking area and then take you to the place where they do the procedure.

Is this a money making scheme? With all respect, how can a person like this be trusted? It is not only abortion advertisements that cause a problem, but a number of other types of services, such as “finding your soul mate”, or “financial well-being”. People often fall prey to schemes and in the end they are worse off than before. It is also not only a problem in Mkhondo, but across the whole of South Africa.

Money making schemers know exactly who to prey on and how desperate people are. Abortion in South Africa is not illegal and no-one can judge anyone else’s decisions, but if you ever find yourself in such a situation, refrain from making hasty decisions as it is a very dangerous procedure and the health risks during and after an abortion are endless.

It is in your own best interest to visit a professional health care practitioner, doctor or a clinic to discuss your options thoroughly. Please remember that there is help available for people that feel they don’t have any other option. Pastor Sifiso Ntumba, from the Miracle Centre in Phola Park, urges the community to contact him on 078 633 3189 for any assistance and counselling.

Pastor Ntumba is planing an event on Saturday, 22nd July, where interested parties can join the march to remove these unwanted stickers and adverts. Kindly contact Pastor Ntumba for more information.